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Summer 2017 Staff and Volunteer Applications will be available to download here on December 5, 2016.

Easter Seals Ontario is a recognized leader in providing therapeutic recreation programs for children and youth who have a physical disability. The high quality is evident in everything from the outstanding programs and facilities to the excellent food. With 80 years of experience in camping and recreation, Easter Seals Ontario recognizes that it is the phenomenal camp staff that has consistently provided campers with a memorable, high quality, recreation experience.

So what does it take to be a staff member?  Easter Seals Ontario is looking for individuals who want to spend their summer working with children and youth. Experience in camping and the outdoors is helpful, but not required. A strong interest in and experience working with children is essential, as is the ability to communicate and interact well with others. Enthusiasm, a positive attitude, patience, flexibility, understanding, maturity and good judgement are among the characteristics we find most important in successful staff. Working at camp is not for everyone. It is an extremely demanding and confining job. The days are long, the energy is high and the fun is contagious. With the exception of time off, you will be on duty 24 hours a day. You will be spending at least 7 weeks learning, laughing and living with people in a camp setting. The camp community is based on co-operation and communication. Camp staff agree to give up a lot of personal freedom in order to be part of the camp community. The transition from university/college or home to camp is a refreshing one. Internet, texting friends and sleeping in are sacrificed for a new and rewarding lifestyle—great sunsets, campfires under the stars and working closely with others. If you are up for the challenge, Easter Seals Ontario is interested in having you join the Camp Team.

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