2015 Applications will be available to download here, as of Monday, January 5, 2015.

Availability last updated: March 30, 2015

Note: under Availability, #G = # of girl spots remaining, #B = # of boy spots remaining. If there is a “0″ in front of either the G or B and it appears in red, then there are no more spaces available for that gender. If all girl and boy spots are filled, it will read ‘FULL’ in red.

Merrywood GEAR-UP 19-26 10 days $2,000 June 28-July 8 MGU1 0G / 2B
Merrywood GEAR-UP 19-26 10 days $2,000 July 12-July 22 MGU2 FULL
Merrywood GEAR-UP 19-26 10 days $2,000 July 26-Aug 5 MGU3 FULL
Woodeden GEAR-UP 19-26 6 days $1,200 July 26-August 1 WGU1 5G / 3B

GEAR-UP #4As of 2014 – age extended to 26 years! GEAR-UP stands for Goals, Empowerment, Attitude, Respect, Understanding and Proud. This program offers young adults the opportunity to particpate in a fully accessible recreational program where they can make new friends, develop new skills and just have fun in a residential camp environment. GEAR-UP is offered at Merrywood, as a 10-day program and at Woodeden, as a 6-day program.

Programs in GEAR UP have been designed to allow campers the opportunity to choose what they would like to participate in. Some of the programs include archery, pottery, sledge hockey, music & drama, swimming, sailing and using the fully accessible high ropes course. Dances, karaoke nights and other activities will be planned in the evening. All programs will be geared to older teens/young adults.

The ratio of staff to campers will be 1:2 . Nursing staff is onsite 24 hours a day.


GEAR UPThis program is open to young adults between the ages of 19*– 26 years (as of July 1 of the camping year) who have a physical disability. Participants must meet the eligibility requirements for individual camp. Easter Seals Ontario counsellors will be able to help campers with their care. Participants will be required to pay the full fee as funding is not available for campers over the age of 19: $2,000 for a 10-day session at Merrywood Camp and $1,200 for a 6-day session at Woodeden Camp.

*Please note, starting age of GEAR-UP has increased from 16 to 19.

A Typical Day

Time Activity
9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Activity Period #1
11:00 am Activity Period #2
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Free time to hang out with your friends
3:00 pm Activity Period #3 – sign-ups
4:00 pm Activity Period #4 – sign-ups
5:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Evening Activity
8:00 pm Campfire
8:30 pm Snack
9:00 pm Relax and hang out
10:30 pm Back to cabins

Please note:
Easter Seals camps are thrilled to offer exciting non-traditional camp programs. Please be aware however, that for safety reasons, specific criteria exists for participation in: out-trips and high ropes activities. Not all campers are well-suited for these activities.

Frequently asked questions…

Where will I live?
You will live in dormitory style cabins. Each room houses 4 participants. All cabins are air conditioned, with large washrooms. The cabins are wheelchair accessible.

What attendant care is available?
Easter Seals counsellors will be able to provide you with any care you require.

Will I have a choice in the activities I do at camp?
For sure! All programs have been designed to allow you the opportunity to choose what you would like to participate in. Dances, karaoke and other activities will be planned in the evening. All programs will be geared to older teens/young adults.

What are your meals like?
A catering company provides family-style meals, served in the dining hall. Easter Seals Camps are able to accommodate basic diets such as vegetarian, soft, puree and gluten-free (we do not provide Halal, Kosher or low-sodium meals etc.). If you have a more specialized diet, please contact Easter Seals Recreation Department to ensure your nutritional needs can be met. Easter Seals camps are peanut aware camps. Please do not bring any peanut or nut products to camp.

Will I be able to have my laundry done?
Yes your laundry will be done daily if that is what you would like.


Download 2015 Camp Applications here.